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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Upgrading LG gt540

As I wrote before, I had some problems during the upgrading of my LG gt540, while I was updating it my computer stuck and then I couldn't restart the device.
One solution for this trouble:

1. Unplug USB
2. Remove the battery
3. Hold the volume down button (LHS of phone) and reinsert USB lead at the same time
4. I then re-ran the update program.

LG Program Download
USB Driver Download

When you install the update be patient!!!!!! It takes forever


  1. I've tried several times but the LG update tool do not allow to upgrade the mobile (although the software notifies that there is a new version available). I've tried the "Emergency and recovery option" entering the IMEI but the software starts the upgrade wizard, connects to the mobile and then it says that there is no new version available. There is a link to the spanish LG support website that provides the same information.

    It might happen that the mobile phone is from Spain and there is not upgrada available for this country. ¿?

  2. Finally I've decide to flash it using a 2.1 ROM. The phone is alive again !!!!

    More information in the next post.